isoHunt Proxy – Unblocked Websites [100% Working]

Hey, are you looking for isoHunt Proxy? Then here you can find a working unblocked mirror website list. isoHunt is an online torrent website where you can search, download and upload torrent files. This website was taken down back in 2013 because of providing copyrighted materials for free.

On this isoHunt website basically, you can download music, movies, web series, apps, games, and software for free even if they are paid which is illegal. After the main website got banned by the government many isoHunt proxy websites came into the market with different domain names.

These are the exact same copy as the main website and you can download all the materials from this website. There are plenty of isoHunt mirrors and unblocked websites currently available in the market.

And in this article, we have shared some working isoHunt proxy websites that you can easily access in your country without a VPN. We do not recommend you download illegal content or cracked software. As it may contain viruses or marvels that can harm your computer or pc.

Now if you are not able to access the proxy website also then you can try alternative proxies like EZTV Proxy, RARBG Proxy, The Pirate Bay Proxy, and Limetorrents Proxy.

isoHunt Proxy List

Below you can find all unblocked mirror websites of isoHunt. Make sure first you access the proxy available for your country and if your country is not available you can give others a try to other proxies as well.

isoHunt Proxy ListWebsite URLCountrySpeed
Proxy 1VisitUSFast
Proxy 2VisitUSFast
Proxy 3VisitNLFast
Proxy 4VisitIndiaMedium
Proxy 5VisitIndiaFast
Proxy 6VisitIndiaFast
Proxy 7VisitUKFast
Proxy 8VisitUKSlow
Proxy 9VisitFRFast
Proxy 10VisitGEFast
Proxy 11VisitAUFast

In case the isoHunt proxy is not working in your country then you can try to access other counties’ proxies also just by clicking on the visit button. And if none of these unblocked websites are not working for you then you have to use the VPN and access these websites.

Other isoHunt Proxy Websites

Now if you are wondering what other isoHunt proxy websites are, then these are some other exact same websites that are launched after the main website is taken down. is one of the famous mirror websites of the official isoHunt website. It is still accessible in many countries like Australia, UK, USA, and India. You don’t need to use any vpn in order to access this website on your mobile or pc device.

But yes it is also banned in many countries so depending on your IP address you may or may not be able to access this isoHunt proxy website.

Same as the other one this is also one of the famous isoHunt proxy websites. But this mirror website is blocked in most countries and you can not access it anymore.

But yes when this website was live and accessible it had millions of monthly active users on the website. As this website is also providing copyrighted content to download for free and because of that this one is also banned by most countries’ governments.

These websites may or may not be accessible to all users. This is just for information purposes. You can access the website using the isoHunt unblocked websites list we have shared above in the table

How to Use isoHunt Proxy?

Now if you don’t know how to use the isoHunt proxy website to download your desired torrent file then you can follow the below step-by-step process available. In this process, we covered how you can search, download and upload torrent files on the isoHunt website.

First click on the visit button available on the table, make sure first you try to use your county isoHunt proxy website. It will get you to the exact same isoHunt website but the domain name will be different as this is the mirror website. Click on the search button available at the top.

Type the file name you are looking for and hit the enter button on your keyboard. Now you will see a bunch of files available with seeders and file size details. Select the file you want to download with the isoHunt proxy website.

And click on the magnet link or download torrent depending on how you want to download this torrent file on your pc. After that, you can simply download the torrent in the torrent downloader app and use it for the main file.

So it is very easy to download any torrent file if you have access to isoHunt proxy websites and here you can find all the working unblocked websites.


Check out below frequently asked questions about the isoHunt to get a clear idea about its unblock and mirror websites.

Are isoHunt Proxy websites available?

Yes, there are plenty of isoHunt proxies available on the internet. And here you can find a few of them and all of them are working.

How can I unblock isoHunt?

To unblock the isoHunt website either you can use the VPN or you can simply use the unblocked or mirror website to access the main website.

Is it illegal to use isoHunt Proxy?

Yes, it is illegal to use these proxies websites if you are downloading any copyrighted content for free. Downloading content which is not copyrighted and available for all, it’s completely fine.


Here we have covered isoHunt Proxy websites that are working and you can access them without using any VPN. And also cover the complete process of how you can use these proxies to download torrent file.

Disclaimer: This website is for educational purposes only. We strictly do not recommend you download any copyrighted or cracked content from these websites as that is illegal. Always purchase movies subscription or software and then use it as it is safe and legal.

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