Limetorrents Proxy: Mirror Sites and Unblocked Website List

Hey, friends are looking for Limetorrents Proxy or want mirror websites of the Limetorrents then you are in the right place.

Because in this article I share unblocked Limetorrents proxy and mirrors website list.

This list will help you to surf this torrent site and download all the stuff from this website.

Limetorrents is one of the best and promising torrent search engines that help you to search torrent files online the same as Extratorrent.

But because of some illegal content on this website most of the time the government and your ISP blocked this website in your area.

You can unblock Limetorrents with the help of the VPN but sometimes it is irritating if you are using the free vpn or you have not good internet speed.

So, most of the people preferred the proxies or mirror website which are not blocked and you can access it without any VPN.

That’s why we decide to provide you up to date list of these websites so you can easily access this website and download all Limetorrents movies and other cool stuff for the free.

Limetorrents Proxies and Mirror Sites

Here is the list of all unblocked proxies and yes we update this list daily and also update the status of these websites.

Limetorrents Proxy ListWebsites URLStatus
Limetorrents Proxy 1
Limetorrents Proxy 2
Limetorrents Proxy 3
Limetorrents Proxy 4
Limetorrents Proxy 5
Limetorrents Proxy 6
Limetorrents Proxy 7
Limetorrents Proxy 8
Limetorrents Proxy 9

But sometimes because of the different-different countries’ audiences, we are not able to check it with some countries.

And that’s why you found some not working proxies in this list but here are many and we are sure some of then working very fine for you.

Now before you here are, we share the top Limetorrents mirror sites with the details so if you have a little bit of time then take look on this. proxies

This is one of the best and promising proxies of the Limetorrents and most of the time it is unblocked.

The is the oldest and very popular mirror website but this is blocked in many counties because of its popularity.

If this one is not accessible then we recommend you use the VPN in your browser extension which helps you a lot and it’s very comfortable in comparison to the pc vpn. Mirror Sites

In our list of the unblock Limetorrents proxies site list, this one is also the most important very useful mirror website.

Most of the time this is available out of Asia because most of the Asian countries blocked this website.

So, if you are out of the assai then this proxy is a great option for you and it will not disappoint you when it comes to search torrent online.

Also, we can say this one is true and working Limetorrents proxy which is always up outside of the Asian counties.

Before you make any prediction on this domain, I want to clarify that this one is the TLD domain of the Limetorrents proxy so in many reasons this one is also unblocked.

Here the main problem is when any domain becomes very popular in the market the government authorities blocked that domain and especially when it is the main domain and have an exact match term in the domain.

There some possibility that this one also not available in some are but don’t worry you can try some others from the above list and I am sure many of them are working for you.

So, this is the one Limetorrents unblock proxy which I recommend all of you to use because whenever I use me found it’s working.

That’s why I called it the complete mirror site of the Limetorrents website and yes, all the things are the same as the main website.

This one is available most of the time because of the domain name it does not represent the main website and also this one is not that much popular as other proxies.

This is last but not the list proxy website in our list we can say the perfect thing about this one.

Because sometimes it is available means unblock Limetorrents proxy but sometimes this is down for many days.

And also, we have not that much information on this website only one thing we won’t let you know that if this is unblocked then use otherwise go with another one.

If you are tried many Limetorrents proxy but none of them unblocked then you can try the alternatives of this like 1337x, RARBG, YTS or The Pirate Bay.

Note: As usual this is the security note that we recommend you use good antivirus because there are many chances that the virus will come in your pc with the main file.


If you have any unblocked Limetorrents proxy site then let us know in the comment box we will add it to our list.

And yes, any of you facing any issues during the website visit then let me know in the comment box I will help you to solve your problem.

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Finally thank you so much for your great support and reading this article hope you enjoy it😊.

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