How To Reset iPad: Restart, Factory Reset, Settings Reset

Your iPad is working slowly and looking for the method to Restart, Factory Reset, or Settings Reset. Here we cover it all.

After long use of the iPad sometimes it’s slowing down and apps start misbehaving then reset is the ultimate solution to fix it all.

Here in this article, we cover three methods which include restart, settings reset, and factory reset of the iPad. So if you are just looking for a solution to fix your iPad performance issue follow the process accordingly.

The process is really simple in all cases and here we cover it all with step by step process, so let’s get started with the first method.

How to Restart iPad? [All Models]

Restarting is the simple solution if your iPad suddenly becomes unresponsive or applications are not working properly.

Follow the below process which is applicable to all iPad Models:

  • Unlock your iPad, Open the Settings application, and click on the ‘General’ button available there.
Click on General Button
  • Next, scroll down to the till last and you will see the option of ‘Shut Down’, click on that button.
Restart iPad with Shut Down Button
  • Now you will see the Slider saying ‘Slide to power off’, drag that slider to the right. It will shut down your iPad.
Slide to Power off iPad
  • Once it shuts down press the power button to turn it on again. And this is how you can restart your iPad.

This method is available on all iPad models including the iPad with home buttons. If your iPad has become unresponsive and you can not open settings then there are some ways to force restart your iPad also.

How to Force Restart iPad?

Force restarting the iPad can be useful if your iPad is not responsive and you can not do anything on it.

iPad using iPadOS 15: Press Power Off + Volume Up/Down Button together until the apple logo appears on the screen. 

iPad using iPadOS 14 or older: Press the Volume up button and release, Press the volume down button and release, and Press and Hold the Power Off button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

iPad with Home Button: Press Power Off + Home Button together until the apple logo appears on the screen. 

So this is how you can force restart your iPad no matter which version of iPad you are using. We cover it all.

How to Reset Different Settings on iPad?

Now if you want to reset all settings or want to reset one particular setting on the iPad here we cover all the ways to do it.

Open the Settings app on your iPad, Go to General options and scroll down until the end. There is the second last option ‘Transfer or Reset iPad’ click on that.

Now when you click on the reset button it will show you 6 options there. Below I cover all the details of them.

Reset Settings in iPad
  1. Reset All Settings: It will reset all the settings in your iPad including the other 5 settings but it will not erase your data.
  2. Reset Network Settings: It will reset all network-related settings so if you are facing issues with your WiFi and other networks, resetting this can be useful. But it will delete all the saved WiFi passwords.
  3. Subscriber Services: This option is only useful for iPad with cellular, it will reset all the settings related to your cellular network.
  4. Reset Keyboard Dictionary: It will reset your keyboard settings and delete all the saved words in your keyboard dictionary.
  5. Reset Home Screen Layout: It will reset your home screen layout which makes your home screen a default and will get back all the default apps.
  6. Reset Locations & Privacy: With this option, all the settings related to Location and Privacy on other apps will be returned to the default.

So these are all different types of settings that you can reset on the iPad. You don’t have to reset all settings if you are facing a specific problem with a specific service.

How to Factory Reset iPad? [Erase All Data]

If you want to give away or sell your iPad then erasing all your personal data is important and here I cover how you can factory reset your iPad.

Note: By following the below step it will erase all your data and sign out your Apple ID from your iPad. If you don’t have a backup you will not be able to recover it in the future.

  • First thing, backup your iPad with iCloud or with other storage options. Next, open the Settings application on the iPad and click on the ‘General’ option.
Reset iPad From General Option
  • Next scroll down till the end and click on the ‘Transfer or Reset iPad’ button available second last from the bottom.
Transfer or Reset iPad
  • Next click on the last button called ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.
Erase All Content from iPad
  • It will show you the Erase This iPad screens and give you all the details check it out carefully.
Click on Continue Button
  • Next click on the ‘Continue’ button and it will ask for the iPad’s passcode. Once you enter the passcode it will start erasing your iPad.
Enter your Passcode

It will take some time to erase your iPad completely and once it is erased it will restart automatically.


Here I share how to reset your iPad which includes restart, factory reset, and settings reset of your iPad. I hope you find this guide useful and able to solve your problem with your iPad.

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