How To Reset Settings In Microsoft Edge? [PC + iOS]

Are you using the Microsoft Edge web browser and feeling like it’s running slower or seeing unwanted pop-ups? It’s time to reset settings in your Microsoft Edge browser.

Here in this article, I cover the complete process of how to reset settings in Microsoft Edge for pc and ios users.

Resetting settings can help you in many ways like if your browser is running slow or you change some settings but you don’t know how to undo them.

Or simply you just want to reset all the settings and go back to default settings to clear up all the mess in your web browser.

The process of resetting your Microsoft Edge browser can be different from device to a device that’s why I cover the method for all pc and ios devices.

Before you reset your browser settings in Microsoft Edge make sure you are aware of the changes it’s gonna be made in your browser.

First, it’s gonna clear all website data and cockies, all the extensions going to be disabled, your default search engine going to be changed, and going to change all the tabs setting.

So now if you are aware of changes it’s going to happen in your Microsoft Edge browser after resetting let’s see the process to do it.

How To Reset Settings In Microsoft Edge? [Windows + Mac]

The process of resetting settings will be the same for windows and mac users. Follow the below step-by-step process.

  • Open the Microsft edge browser on your pc. Click on the three dots located in the top right corner.
Click on Three Dots
  • Next, you will see many options there, click on the second last option named ‘Setting’ from the list.
Click on Setting in Microsoft Edge
  • Now it will open the setting windows in your Microsoft browser and next click on the ‘Reset Setting’ button as shown below image.
Click on Reset Setting
  • Next, there will be only one option so click on the ‘Restore settings to their default values’ option available there.
Reset Settings In Microsoft Edge
  • It will show you the pop-up there, click on the ‘Reset’ button and it will show you the message on the top once it is reset.
Click on Reset Button

So this is how you can reset to default settings in the Microsoft Edge browser on your windows and mac pc.

How To Reset Settings In Microsoft Edge? [iPad + iPhone]

Actually, there is no way to direct reset the Microsoft Edge on an iPad or iPhone. All you have to it delete the app and install it again.

Follow the below process to do it. Here I cover the process for the iPad but it will be the same on the iPhone also.

  • First, open the Setting app on your iPad. And click on the ‘General’ option available there.
Click on General Option
  • Next click on the ‘iPad Storage’ option as you can see in the below image.
Click on iPad Storage
  • Now scroll down, look for the edge in the list of apps, and click on that.
Select Microsoft Edge
  • Next, click on the delete button and it will show you the pop-up, again click on the ‘Delete App’ option.
Reset Settings In Microsoft Edge on iPad
  • Once it got deleted from the iPad go to the app store and install the application again.

Next time when you open the app again make sure you don’t sign in with your previous account. If you do then it is going to restore all your saved settings.

If you want to use the same account then you can clear all the browser data from the setting in the Microsoft Edge browser.


Here I share the complete process on how to reset settings in Microsoft Edge on your window, mac, or ios devices.

Before you reset the browser settings make sure you read all changes its gonna happened in your browser. As it can delete all saved website data and cookies.

But if you synced your account with the browser then you can restore all data and settings by login the same account again.

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