YTS Proxy List – Unblocked Websites [100%Working]

Hey, are you looking for YTS Proxy websites or unlocked websites then you are in the right place. Because in this article I share the complete list of unblocked YTS mirror sites that help you with the main websites.

Same as the Limetorrents Proxy, 1337x Proxy, The Pirate Bay Proxy, and ExtraTorrent Proxy this proxy is also famous for movies and entertainment-related stuff. We can say that YTS is one of the best torrent searching websites that help you to find torrent files.

Also, when you download any movies with yts proxy on this torrent then you will also get subtitles with it. But there is a problem with the illegal content that’s why the government and ISP banned this website in many counties and areas.

Now you can access this website with the help of the vpn but the issue with the vpn is the internet speed. You latterly get very slow internet speed if you are using a free vpn but if you have the paid one then you can access those blocked sites in your area.

YTS Unblocked Proxy Sites List

So here I share the complete list of unblocked YTS Proxies lists like,,, and many more.

YTS Proxy ListWebsite URLCountryStatus
Proxy 1VisitINFast
Proxy 2VisitINMedium
Proxy 3VisitUKFast
Proxy 4VisitUKMedium
Proxy 5VisitFRFast
Proxy 6VisitUSFast
Proxy 7VisitNLMedium
Proxy 8VisitGEFast
Proxy 9VisitAUFast

Now in this YTS Proxy list, all of the websites are up but sometimes the government or ISP blocked any website and we don’t get any updates that time it might possible some of them might not work.

We are updating this list regularly but you know those authorities who blocked websites in seconds. Make sure you subscribed to this blog and bookmark this webpage to get a notification of the updated list.

Now before you go let’s take a look at some of the best and most famous YTS proxies and mirror websites. In our list the first one is so let’s see: Official Proxy

Now when we are discussing the then one thing that we have to mention is this one very popular and wildly used yts unblocked proxy. And yes, this one is also famous for the YTS movies download and other entertainment-related stuff.

But because of its popularity and illegal content on this YTS mirror website is not unblocked in many counties. It’s your luck if you can access this website and download the torrent files from this one.

As we discuss for 2 years this website is unblocked and accessible for all users but then many countries’ governments start blocking this one. In our YTS Proxy list the next site is so let’s see a little information on this. (YTS Unblocked Proxy)

Same as the above on this YTS unblocked site this one is also famous and up most of the time so you can use this one also. Now if you want to download movies and music then this proxy website is for you because it is specially designed for movie lovers.

In this YTS Proxy, almost all types of movies are available, and you can download these torrent files with the help single click. And most of the time you found this website unblock yts so you don’t face any problems like the site being down or banned with this one.

As you can see this is not a direct domain name but it is in the subdomain so the government can’t block it directly. If somehow any authorities blocked this subdomain then it is much easy to create a new one and transfer the site to this.

When we discuss the one thing we must mention is that this one is the fastest proxy of this website available out there. But on the site, you might be irritated by the advertisement because there are a lot and a lot of ads.

Solution: just install an adblocker extension in your browser dude. Now last but not least in our list, the YTS mirror site is and is also much more popular.

Other YTS Proxy Sites

This is the last site on our list this is also very fast and quick in comparison to other websites. We do have not much information on this website but yes you can also try this website none of the above YTS Proxies and mirror websites are not working.


So now let’s see the conclusion of this discussion here I shared some YTS Unblocked Proxy websites List. This helps you to download movies, games, software, and other free stuff from the internet.

And also, we see those proxy websites are nothing but the exact copy of the main websites. Lastly, if you have a site that you want to add here please let us know in the comment box and we will add that website here.

If any of you have any questions related to the YTS proxy then ask us in the comment box. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it on your social media handles and also on your WhatsApp groups.

Disclaimer: This website is for educational purposes only. We strictly do not recommend you download any copyrighted or cracked content from these websites as that is illegal. Always purchase movies subscription or software and then use it as it is safe and legal.

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