RARBG Proxy – Unblock Sites List [100% Working]

Hey, are you looking for an Unblock RARBG Proxy sites list? Then here I share the complete list of all proxies and mirror websites. RARBG is a website that provides torrent files to download.

But this website got banned by many countries governments as it is providing copyrighted content for free on the website. Now the only way you can access the RARBG website is either using a proxy website or using the VPN of a country where it is not banned.

Using a proxy seems like a good option as it’s hard to find the county’s VPN where this website is not banned accessible. And also when you VPN it will slow down your internet speed also.

RARBG is banned in Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, India, Greece, Netherlands, Iran, Bulgaria, Oman, and China.

All the users from the above-mentioned country can not directly access RARBG websites and they have to use unblocked proxy websites. So if you are from one of the above-mentioned countries and are not able to access the RARBG website then we share the complete proxy websites list here.

Make sure you have antivirus in your system while using the proxies of this website and have updated browsers and operating systems. You can always use alternative proxies like The Pirate Bay Proxy, 1337x Proxy, ExtraTorrent Proxy, and Limetorrents Proxy if this one is not working for you.

RARBG Proxy List

The below-mentioned proxy list is working and tested by us. Make sure you access your country’s proxy only. And if it is not working then you can try to access another country’s proxy.

RARBG ProxyWebsite URLCountrySpeed
Proxy 1VisitUSFast
Proxy 2VisitUSMedium
Proxy 3VisitINFast
Proxy 4VisitINSlow
Proxy 5VisitUKFast
Proxy 6VisitUKFast
Proxy 7VisitNLFast
Proxy 8VisitFRFast
Proxy 9VisitGEMedium
Proxy 10VisitAUFast

Keep a pop-up blocker on your browser to have a good experience on these websites. As these are not official websites so you may see many ads and pop-ups on these websites.

How to Access RARBG with Proxy Sites?

You may wonder how you can access the RARBG website with the help of the proxies website and may want to know how it works. As the RARBG domain is banned in most countries you can not access it directly. Proxy websites provide you exact same content but the domain name will be different.

As the new domain is not banned by any ISP, you can easily open the RARBG proxy website and get access to all the content. And in this case, even you don’t have to use VPN which increases your download or upload speed on that website.

Also the list we shared here of all these websites is unblocked in almost all counties so you will not face any issues accessing these websites. All you need to do is click on the ‘Visit’ button available next to the proxy list and it will directly redirect you to the RARBG proxy website.

And now you have the unblock RARBG website which you can use to download your desired file. Make sure you already have torrent installed on your phone or pc in order to use the magnet links.

How to Use a RARBG Proxy Website?

All the new users may not know how you can use the proxy website and download the torrents file from there. As it is really simple if you have visited the RARBG website before and used it to download files from there.

Because all the content, website design, and process to download the file are exactly the same as the RARBG website. The only difference can be the pop-ups you see in RARBG proxy sites, so all you need to do is block the pop-up in your browser.

And install the ads blocker as an extension in the browser as it is available for all browsers. So if everything is ready then simply click on the visit button available up and you can access the RARBG with the unblock mirror websites.

Yes, this was a small guide on how you can use the RARBG proxy website to download the torrent file easily without using any VPN.


To get answers to all your quick questions related to RARBG and its proxies websites check out below frequently asked questions on this topic.

What is RARBG proxy?

RARBG is a popular online torrent website and the proxy of this website is an exact copy of the website. That is useful when you are not able to access the main website because the domain is banned.

Does RARBG need VPN?

It depends on your geographical location. If this website is not banned by your ISP then you don’t need VPN. But all the proxies’ websites do not need any kind of VPN to use.

How do I get access to RARBG?

There are two ways you can access the RARBG website: the first one is using the proxy website and another one is using the VPN of the country where it is available.

Is RARBG safe to use?

Any torrent website you are using is not completely safe. We always recommended you have VPN and antivirus on your pc before accessing these websites.

Which VPN is best for RARBG?

We recommend you to use NordVPN or SurfShark as they have many counties options available and also in SurfShark you will find 2-3 different IPs for the same country.

So these are some FAQs on the RARBG Proxy and unblock websites, I hope you got your answer. If you still have any doubts you can always ask us in the comment box available below.


As we discussed here it is really easy to access the RARBG website with the help of proxy and mirror websites. Here we covered all working proxies site lists for RARBG and also a complete method on how you can unblock and access the website.

Disclaimer: This website is for educational purposes only. We strictly do not recommend you download any copyrighted or cracked content from these websites as that is illegal. Always purchase movies subscription or software and then use it as it is safe and legal.

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